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publishing  +  marketing  +  graphic design
I have seven years experience in marketing and advertising, including Director of Marketing for Lyon and Associates Realtors and Special Order Systems, with responsibilities including extensive hands-on design, production, and pre-press.  My areas of expertise include full color, two-color and single color print advertising and newsletter production, ad copy, event promotion, logo design, graphic design, and copy writing.

Since the beginning of 2001 I have been the Publications Director/Graphic Designer for eight California and national organizations, with responsibilities including design and production of bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters or magazines, promotional brochures for monthly events, exhibitor and attendee brochures, event signage, and other miscellaneous printed materials, as needed.

I have an extensive repetoire of design tools and design elements, including illustrations and stock photography as well as the latest software and equipment.  I have a proven track record of meeting strict deadlines, working with organization representatives, and translating ideas into print within budget guidelines.
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